We selected  Maptitude 2022  - as the best - Desktop GIS Program - currently available.

    1.   -  is a powerful geomarketing solution from the American - Caliper® Corporation
    2.   -  uses the currently most accurate mapping data, the - HERE street data.
    3.   -  is a desktop program, your sensitive data are not stored in the cloud.    
    4.   -  provides a programming environment. The support is excellent.
    5.   -  the program is in English, so it is always up to date.
    6.   -  PROFIT100 Consulting  GmbH offers  German-language de small 16x10  support and training

PROFIT100 Consulting  GmbH is the Maptitude representative for the DACH-Region.
DACH = D(Germany), A(Austria), CH(Switzerland)