Maptitude in only 45 minutes


  It´s very easy
You can do "Youth researches", invest a lot of time and sometimes experience frustration.
Better is, if you use our ONLINE training offer.
  The goal   After just one hour, you should be able to get the most out of Maptitude for the needs of your business. 
The training is structured like a knitting pattern and focuses only on the essentials.
  The task       The sales management of a marketing company wants to visualize all 1,090 customers - the US Chambers of Commerce COCs - on a map. The company has 10 locations in the USA, to each of which a sales area is assigned. The sales employees work from their home office. The customers are to be displayed divided according to ABC customers. Travel time zones around the locations should determine the optimal accessibility.
  The data basis   From public sources, 1,090 companies (chambers of commerce) were stored in an excel sheet. 10 "random addresses" were determined as sales locations and 10 "random addresses" as homeoffice locations.
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0 - 10. minute  LautsprecherMaptitude Basis Konzepte    11. - 25. minute  LautsprecherErstellen einer Ausgangs Karte    26. - 35. minute  Lautsprecher Karte mit eigenen Daten erstellen ABO    35. - 45. minute  Lautsprecher Using Maptitude with Excel ABO
Maptitude Basics   Import and visualization of addresses    Creation and optimization of sales territories    Creation and analysis of drive-time rings.
Creation of distance tables. Printing.